Monday, January 30, 2012

Exciting News - Bittersweet Releases February 1st!

Today's recipe has been pre-empted! Finally, the news I've been waiting for. Bittersweet, my western historical romance from Whiskey Creek Press, will be available on February 1st. Friends and fellow authors have stepped up to help me promote. I'm forever grateful! Here's my list of blog stops. I hope you'll visit me on my tour and leave a comment or two...

February 2 - The Roses of Prose
February 3 - AJ's Tattered Pages
February 4 - P.L. Parker's Blog
February 6 - The Cozy Page with Amber Leigh Williams
February 7 - Penumbra with Silver James
February 9 - Vintage Vonnie
February 12 - Rachel Brimble Romance
February 17 - Wild Woman Author with Kat Henry Doran
February 18 - The Roses of Prose
February 27 - Author's Lunch: A Bite of Reuben Sandwich

Eight months after her husband is killed in a train robbery, Tess Moran knows she must pick up the pieces of her shattered life and build a future for herself and her infant daughter. Daniel Moran’s love for Tess is bittersweet. Acting on his feelings for his sister-in-law will betray his dead brother’s memory. Watching her search for love elsewhere may very well destroy him.
In 1880, life in rural Colorado is filled with hard work and simple pleasures, but trouble looms on the horizon. Together Tess and Daniel battle drought and the outlaw who killed the man they both loved, but the greatest challenge of all is finding solace for their battered hearts.

Buy links will be found on my website just as soon as they're available. Thanks for sharing in my excitement!


Regina Duke said...

Excellent news! And your blog tour looks awesome! :-)
Go, Jannine!

Jannine Gallant said...

Thanks, Regina, I've been busy, busy, busy writing all those blogs. But I think I have some really fun topics to keep you all entertained.