Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Sale!

We'll Never Tell is on sale for five days only--April 14-18--for .99 cents! This is the first book in the Secrets of Ravenswood trilogy. If you like fast paced action in a small town setting, give it a try. This is a Kindle Countdown Deal, so the book is available only on Amazon. Click HERE to get your copy.

Here's a short excerpt:

“Sadie’s found something.” Ethan maneuvered upstream, avoiding the worst of the debris. The dog stood still, ears perked, body quivering. He stopped. “Jesus.”
“Oh, no.” Sam hurried to reach him. “Is it the hiker?”
“Not the one we’re looking for.”
She stood beside him, and the breath squeezed out of her lungs. The rounded top of a skull was visible in the rubble below. Rib bones protruded from the earth. Spots danced in front of her eyes, and she forced herself to breathe before she spoke. “Not Barry Rutledge, but the remains look human.”
“Back, Sadie,” Ethan said, and the dog obediently retreated a few paces. He lowered himself the last few yards into the narrow crevice between the rocks, staying clear of the remains. “The flash flood must have uncovered her.”
Sam’s feet slipped in the loose soil, and she landed on her knees. “A woman?” Her gaze flew to the exposed bones. “What makes you say that?”
He squatted beside her and pointed. “See the bit of material showing through the loose rock. Looks like some kind of synthetic fabric, maybe from a jacket.”
Sam stared at the dirty piece of material. A hint of color was visible under the grime. “Pink,” she whispered.

“Most men don’t wear pink jackets.”